How to get here

There are many ways to get to us. France is one of the best vacation countries. providing both culture, food, wine and easy access. By plane, the most efficient and cheap is to fly to Beziérs airport, Cap D’Agde. Ryan Air is flying in from many destinations both from the UK and throughout Scandinavia. Flights to Montpellier, Barcelone, Toulouse, Carcassone, and Paris are other options and from many of those relatively fast with the adjoining express train. 

Pick-up from Beziérs train station or Beziérs airport, alternatively Montpellier airport can be arranged by agreement or rent a car for the length of your stay. Or drive by your own car and take your time to explore the countryside of France on the way, enjoying the wine, the food and the French ambience in the small rural villages! This will give you the chance to unwind and relax on the journey as well as an opportunity to bring home some of the really good and inexpensive wines of the region. Set aside two over night stays or more from Scandinavia to enjoy the countryside. An alternative is to catch the car train from Hamburg and get of in Lörrach/Basel. You will have a nights sleep at the train and get away from all the queues and wake up well rested. From Lörrach its a day's drive at a leisury pace to your home away from home. We can provide parking for your car just behind the D’Oc d’or.


Béziers Cap D'Agde

Toulouse Blagnac

Montpellier Méditerranée

Barcelona El Prat



SNCF - French train. timetable and reservation

Renfe - Spanish train from Barcelona. Timetable and reservation

Car train

DB Bahn