The House and village


Background and history
D'oc D'or Bed & Breakfast in Murviel Lès Béziers
.The Guesthouse D’Oc D’or or the Golden Occitan, is characteristic in style for a large Maison de Maître Vigneron from the late 19th century, which are so common in Languedoc as the region has a long history as a wine producing area. For many years, prominent winemakers worked and lived here, harvesting the vine yards and producing the wine of the region. In the cellar, some vaults still resides, reminiscent of the era. In many generations, the same family lived here in the house and one of the more foreseeing ancestors was the first to introduce electricity into the village, the first in the region. All households got one (1!) lightbulb each. In the late 1960s, the house became the home and office for the ”Notaire” or solicitor of the village.  The legacy has now been passed on to us, and we have happily and lovingly taken on the task to bring life and soul to this proud old house and renovated it to its former glory. It now provides five rooms for B&B,  each with its individual cosy character, a studio and a two-bedroom apartment, all of different style and sizes, for shorter or longer stays . The lush garden is a lovely place with shady trees and a sunny pool deck, where you can find your own secluded area for a lazy day or find space for hanging out with us and other guests. Best vacation spot you can find! Breakfast and dinner will be served at our shaded patio or in the brilliant dining room. In our newly renovated lounge areas, you can relax with a book or enjoy your aperitif before dinner. A couple of days with us will find you reborn, calm and in a new relaxed mood. 

We would like to inform that due to the plan of the estate, we are unable to accept any guests with physical disabilities or small children under the age of 6, as it has many stairs at different levels, as well as an open pool deck with direct access from all common areas. All rooms are located on the second floor

Location and amenities

D’Oc d’or is situated in the very heart of the rural village of Murviel-lès-Beziérs, a medieval village with ancient history, yet with all amenities within walking distance. The bakery provides us with fresh bread and pastries for your breakfast and at the bar in the village square, you can get a compulsory  pastis before dinner. The local poissioniere and the boucherie helps out and provide us with fresh cuts to our meals. Banks, pharmacie, pizzerias, a local épecierie, a local green grocer and restaurants are within walking distances for your convenience. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, there is a small market at the village square and on Fridays the Oyster van arrives with fresh catch of the day from Bouzigues. The local cave cooperative has excellent wines and offers tours and wine tasting. Nearby there are plenty of vineyards open for visits. Les Sentier des Pêch is a small trail at the hill overlooking the village and give you a nice ”balade” or walk in the lovely nature of garrigue surrounding the village and with lovely views of the vine yards. Or take a quick stroll down to the river Orb for a refreshing dip in the river. On the hill, Le Château and Church lurks over the village and give you a stunning view over our neighbourhood with nearby villages that awaits your exploration. At night the village relaxes and you can enjoy a tranquil rest in our garden.